hit 'em right between the eyes
brenda, 23, california

brb i'm probably crying

Title: Anaconda

Artist: Nicki Minaj


anaconda || nicki minaj

by the way, what he say? he can tell i ain’t missing no meals
come through and fuck ‘em in my automobile
let him eat it with his grills and he telling me to chill
and he telling me it’s real, that he love my sex appeal
say he don’t like ‘em boney, he want something he can grab
so i pulled up in the jag, mayweather with the jab like




ha ha i’m going to JAIL


best girl with best taste


best girl with best taste


everyone needs at least one centaur au 


everyone needs at least one centaur au 

Liverpool have been such a big part of my life and my family’s lives for so long, that leaving is extremely difficult.

The opportunity arose for me to return home to Brondby and at this stage of my career it felt like the right decision for me.

I wouldn’t leave here to go anywhere else and that has been proven by my actions in recent seasons - I have turned down many offers to move to other Premier League and European clubs.

I would like to thank the Liverpool supporters for the incredible backing they have given me in my time here and the warmth and generosity of spirit displayed to my family.

This has been our home and somewhere we have been very happy and settled. However, more recently I have started to feel the effects of playing regularly in a league that is as physically demanding as the Premier League is, and I would not want to stay if I did not think that I was able to meet that challenge week in, week out.

The club itself is very special and I shall remain a supporter for the rest of my life. I regard every game I played at Anfield as a privilege.

YNWA Daniel (via kopzone)


i will never get over this deleted scene

i just overheard the local news reporting that a box containing 10 giant millipedes was found at the sfo airport, smuggled and labeled as a ‘toy car model’ from germany whyyyy would you